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Janice Marie Alexander
Artist and Project Director

Brian Gerald Vaughn
Project Assistant

Embrace Diversity in America Art Project

The mission of the Embrace Diversity in America Art Project is to contribute to the goal of reducing hate crimes in America and helping to unify our nation by bringing an artistic awareness to the beauty and blessings of multiculturalism. The culmination of this project will be a body of artwork consisting of twelve oil paintings to be exhibited through the Los Angeles Art Association and other venues and a video production showcasing and describing the artwork with a speech about the importance of embracing diversity in America by Janice Marie Alexander, which will be posted on Janice’s website, social media sites and distributed through all social media and business connections interested in promoting diversity in America. All donors will be given credit for their contributions in the exhibits and the video.

     This project will be created in Los Angeles, California with the help of an assistant, Brian Gerald Vaughn. Janice will create each of the twelve oil paintings depicting different races and cultures in America with the goal of presenting a beautiful body of artwork promoting diversity in America. Brian will build and maintain the project and Janice’s website, social media sites, set up exhibits and produce the project’s video. Janice has a master’s degree and 25 years of business experience in art, sales and marketing. The creation of the project will begin June 2021 and end May 2023.

     In 2019 there were over 7,000 hate crimes, and the largest crime category was murders. Hate crimes are directed at our differences in society and we all suffer when segregation occurs because of discrimination and especially when heinous crimes are the result of those differences. We all must do our part to embrace every culture and person in our society no matter what race, gender, religion, social status and sexual orientation they are. No one wants to be discriminated against, especially violently.  The Embrace Diversity in America Art Project boldly steps directly into the realm of the controversial and political matters of discrimination in America and takes a stand for the importance of embracing diversity to promote peace and harmony in our nation. Everyone in America deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. As a nation we have come a long way in alleviating the suffering from discrimination but we still have to press forward with acceptance and love toward all people until discrimination is no longer a part of our civilized nation.